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Driving while intoxicated requirements:

  • Complete 16 hours of community service. This can be done at any non-profit. The proof will need to be on the organization's letterhead.
  • Complete 16 hours of litter detail. This can be scheduled with Baton Rouge City Court at 225-389-5279.
  • Complete a mother’s against drunk driving victim impact panel. This can be scheduled through the MADD at
  • Complete a defensive driving class. This may be able to be done online or you can contact Angelwood Clinic at 225-334-0851 for availability.
  • Complete a substance abuse evaluation. This is offered by some courts. If not, you can also contact Angelwood Clinic at 225-334-0851.

Court ordered classes such as anger management or substance abuse self awareness program (SASAP) are offered at Baton Rouge City Court.

19th Judicial District Courthouse is located at 300 North Blvd, Baton Rouge, Louisiana. You are allowed to bring your cellphone into the courthouse.

Baton Rouge City Court is located at 233 St. Louis Street, Baton Rouge, Louisiana. You may not bring your cellphone into the courthouse.

Work or school excuse: if you have to miss work or school because of court, please contact our office for an excuse.

To make a payment on your bill, please call our office pay by credit or mail a check or money order to the office. You can always come by during working hours to make a payment, and a receipt will be issued.

Check to see if you have a warrant in Baton Rouge City Court:

Check to see if you have a warrant with the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office:

Check to see if a bond has been set for someone arrested in East Baton Rouge: