How do I get my background checked?
You can obtain your criminal background check at the Louisiana State Police. If in Baton Rouge, the Louisiana State Police is located at 7919 Independence Blvd. You will also need to bring a $26 cashier’s check, business check, or money order to cover the cost.

My bond has been set. What now?
Depending on the price of the bond, if you pay cash, you will pay 100% of the bond. If you have a bail bondsman, then you will pay 12% of the bond. You can also post property for the bond. We can assist you in any bond questions, such as referring you to a bondsman as well assisting in a bond reduction.

Do I have to appear on my court date if I hire an attorney?
Depending on the stage of the proceeding, your attorney may be able to appear on your behalf. Depending on the charge, your attorney can waive your appearance, if given ample notice.

What happens after I’m arrested?
After being released from jail, you will either be given a court date or be served in the future with a court date (see section below on change of address). The first date is the arraignment, which is the day you plead guilty or not guilty. We would advise you to plead not guilty and to speak to an attorney about your case. After arraignment and the proper motions are filed, you will receive your discovery, which is the police reports and supporting evidence of your case. The next step would be a trial or a plea. If you plead or you are convicted, you may be able to apply for an expungement of the conviction, depending on the circumstances of the plea or the conviction. This is an important reason for hiring an attorney to ensure the proper procedures are taken.

When I bonded out of jail, the address on my paper work was incorrect. Does this matter?
If you were not given a court date with your paper work, having the wrong address will be a problem. The Sheriff will attempt to serve you with your court date at the wrong address. This could result in a bench warrant being issued if you do not appear for court. Therefore, you will need to go to the Clerk of Court’s office to change your address.

If I plead or I am convicted, will I be able to apply for an expungement?
Depending on the plea of the sentencing, the answer is most likely yes. It is important to have an attorney represent your interest and make sure the proper procedure is taken to ensure your eligibility for expungement.

Do I have to have a lawyer?
Technically, you can legally represent yourself, although it is not recommended. You can be assigned a public defender if you can prove financial need. If you do not have the financial qualifications for a public defender, then the court will require you to hire an attorney.

Will my license be suspended with a DWI arrest?
After your arrest, you have thirty days to request a hearing to contest the suspension of your license. If a hearing is not applied for, your license will automatically be suspended. Following an arrest for DUI, it is highly recommended to seek legal advice.

How do I get a bench warrant recalled?
For having a bench warrant, the court could find you in contempt of court for failing to appear, which could include jail time or a fine. To get a bench warrant recalled, it is highly recommended to hire an attorney to handle it.

After trial, how do to I get my seized property back?
A motion must be filed with the court. The court will sign an order for the return of the property. It is advised that you seek legal advice for filing this motion.


How long do I have to file a suit?
In majority of cases, you have one year from the date of the accident to file a suit. If suit is not filed within one year of the accident your action will prescribe and no legal action can be taken. You should always consult an attorney to ensure the proper actions are taken to pursue your matter.

How can I get my accident report?
This depends on which law enforcement agency reported to the scene of the accident. Ost agencies provide their reports online. If you hire our office we will obtain the report for you.

How do I know if I have a lawsuit?
When you schedule a free consultation, the attorney you meet with will listen and give an honest opinion on whether or not they believe you have grounds to file a lawsuit.

How long does it take to settle a case?
It depends on a case-by-case basis. However, it typically will not be a quick process.

What do I do if I am the victim of a hit & run or the other person involved in the accident has no insurance?
Hopefully you have uninsured motorist insurance to insure you in those situations. If this is a situation you are in, then it is recommended you speak with an attorney to review your options.

If I am injured, who will pay for my medical bills?
This is what we do. We make sure the medicals bills are handled and try and recovery these cost from the insurance company.

Do I have to pay an attorney to take my case?
No. We do not get paid until you get paid. Therefore, it does not cost you money to hire an attorney to recover for your accident.